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We provide counselling from the ages of four years old through to adulthood. Get started with an initial consultation.


Brain Training

Cognitive training plans to improve memory, attention, reasoning, planning, logic, judgement, and overall executive functioning.


Chronic Pain

Address the psychological component of pain and learn skills to assist prevention or minimization of the impact of chronic pain.



Learn to decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD while improving emotional regulation and relaxation.



Learn to control body reactions to stress by learning to focus on making changes in your body through painless, non-invasive techniques.


Psychoeducational Assessment

Get a perspective on learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.


Mental Health Assessment

Clinical interview and formal measurement of mental health symptoms.


Driver Training Simulation

Overcome driving related fears in a supportive environment.

Need an Assessment? We Can Help.

Today's world demands immediate results at a demanding pace, and adults aren't the only ones feeling the pressure.

So how can we help our kids?

Skerrett Psychology helps youth through life's obstacles using unique treatment plans. As your child grows, sessions aim to reflect their goals and help them overcome difficulties such as social obstacles, cognitive problems, or emotional and behavioural issues. Treatment is provided with collaboration and support through parents as we provide expertise regarding the best approaches to support and manage their child's psychological and behavioural challanges.

Brain Train Cognitive Therapy

Brain Train, a comprehensive program that can help improve your memory, attention, reasoning, planning, logic, judgment, learning, and overall executive functioning. Brain Train plans are designed to be as entertaining as possible and provide a built-in reward system to keep clients motivated.

Exercises Are Fun

  • Exercises are variable and resemble puzzles or video games
  • There are over 2000 cognitive exercises of varying difficulty
  • Exercises target 20 different cognitive skills in an enjoyable, game-like format
  • Exercises can be completed in office or installed directly onto your home computer

Collaborative Services

Skerrett Psychology also works collaboratively to provide even more services.

Autism Services

Working with Anchor Rehabilitation Services, Skerrett Psychology provides clinical direction for services provided to families.

Skerrett Psychology provides clinical direction for services provided to families who direct their funding under the Ontario Autism Program.

Literacy Center

Skerrett Psychology has been partnered with the Literacy Center in Beamsville for the past 3 years.

The Literacy Center offers psychoeducational services of literary assessment and remedial intervention by a dedicated team.

Need More Information?

Still have questions? Skerrett Psychology will be happy to answer any questions about any of our services.

We can be reached by phone or email and all inquiries are treated as confidential. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

Making an Insurance Claim

We are often able to coordinate payment for services through MVA insurance, WSIB, Veterans Affairs, Native Affairs, and some private insurance companies. Extended health benefits may cover a portion or all of your treatment. 

Once you have a health claim initiated with your insurance provider we can take care of the rest. Book an initial assessment with us and we'll collect all the necessary information to fill out and submit an insurance claim on your behalf.

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