Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Alpha-Stim Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation treats anxiety, depression, and insomnia simultaneously. Skerrett Psychology offers treatments using the The Alpha-Stim® CES device.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) uses a medical device about the size of a cell phone that sends a pulsed, weak electrical current to the brain via electrodes placed on the ear lobes. CES is a non-invasive, non-painful, non-pharmaceutical intervention with mild to no side effects.

CES is a US Food and Drug Administration–approved, prescriptive electro medical treatment that has been shown to decrease symptoms significantly.

Safe and Effective Pain Relief

  •  CES is NOT the same as the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock therapy.
  •  Studies show that CES increases alpha brain activity (increased relaxation), decreases beta brain activity (reduced fatigue), and decreases beta brain activity (decreased ruminative thoughts).
  •  CES treatments are cumulative; however, most patients show at least some improvement after the first treatment.
  •  This treatment can be particularly useful for clients who are unable to use medication and for those who already take medication but cannot add any more.
  •  Generally, a 5-week program conducted in our clinic is recommended.
  •  Units are available for purchase on site.

Adult ADHD Research Study

Adults with a diagnosis of ADHD who are interested in participating in a research study involving cranial electrotherapy stimulation are encouraged to contact Skerrett Psychology for further information.

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