Our Services

Our Services

Skerrett Psychology offers a variety of services and is available to assist children, adults, individuals and families in the Greater Niagara Region.

We help those who are in need of some assistance to achieve life changing solutions.

Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment provides a detailed perspective of learning styles and strengths and weaknesses.

Driver Training Simulation

In a supportive environment, our highly trained staff will help you overcome driving related fears with the use of our computerised driver training simulation program.

Neurofeedback (EEG) and Biofeedback

Skerrett Psychology Professional Corporation now offers neurofeedback and biofeedback training for individuals six years and up.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Alpha-Stim Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, (CES), treats anxiety, depression, and insomnia simultaneously.

Mental Health Assessment

A Mental Health Assessment consists of document review, clinical interview, and a battery of formal psychological test measures to provide thorough background, diagnosis, and treatment plan recommendations. This usually takes place over the course of four to six hours in the office and can be broken into two days if needed.

Insurance Services

Extended health benefits may cover a portion or all of your treatment. Once you have a health claim initiated with your insurance provider we can take care of the rest. Book an initial assessment with us and we'll collect all the necessary information to fill out and submit an insurance claim on your behalf.

We are often able to coordinate payment for services through;

  •  MVA insurance
  •  WSIB
  •  Veterans Affairs
  •  Native Affairs
  •  Blue Cross

Autism Services

In collaboration with Anchor Rehabilitation Services, Skerrett Psychology provides clinical direction for services provided to families who have chosen to receive direct funding under the Ontario Autism Program.

Please contact Anchor Rehabilitation Services to complete your intake and registration details:

WEBSITE:  www.anchorrss.com/autismsupportservices

EMAIL:  [email protected]

PHONE:  905-379-0678

FAX:  888-980-9589

More Services


The Literacy Center

Skerrett Psychology has been partnered with the Literacy Center in Beamsville for the past 3 years, offering psycho-educational services by a dedicated team.


Pain Management Psychoeducation

Address the psychological component of pain and gain a sense of control over one's condition.


Brain Training

Customizable cognitive training plans to improve memory, attention, reasoning, planning, logic, judgment, learning, and overall functioning.

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